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Frigid Kitty - Indulgence


Image of Frigid Kitty - Indulgence

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True to its name, Indulgence is a complex, beguiling pop confection the palates of which evade comparisons non-Proustian, but the true sonic epicure will detect notes of Paisley Underground acts like Mazzy Star and Rain Parade, samplings of each era of Fleetwood Mac from Peter Green right through Tango in the Night, Kate Bush at her most unaffected, the somnolent prog anthems of pre-Kid A Radiohead, and the wide-eyed baroque gospel of Judee Sill; here, a bitter, paranoid trip-hop groove; here a sour minor-key psychedelic whorl; here a sweet, blithe Western swing shuffle–all flavors astonishingly complementary and soul-satisfying.