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[pre-order] Matt Duncan - I Will Write Your Song, Vol. 1


Image of [pre-order] Matt Duncan - I Will Write Your Song, Vol. 1

RELEASE DATE: June 28, 2024

Matt Duncan, for fans of Vulfpeck, Steely Dan, and Electric Light Orchestra. This album is a musical trip down memory lane. Remember when your Mom and Dad were listening and getting down to the AM Radio? This album is that vibe. These songs are stories from real people who wanted songs about their lives written by Matt Duncan during the pandemic. Matt Duncan's incredible ability to arrange is on full display as the different stories lend themselves to different sounds. Retro and authentic music fills the grooves to the brim on this LP. Piano riffs, swelling horn arrangements, and funky bass lines are ahead on this LP from Indie Music's best kept secret. We can't wait for you to spin this LP, and maybe you'll get Matt Duncan to write your song next.